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A painless process,  demonstrable benefits and no risk.

The processes employed by The Purchasing Agency are designed to minimise the disruption to you. You just need to provide the data required and then you can leave it to the agency to find benefits for you while you get on with managing your day-to-day business operations. A purchasing review should not impede your normal working day, and it will not do so.

The agency takes the raw data and information provided by your organisation and analyses your current expenditure across a range of agreed commonly-bought products and services. This is then cross-compared with best-of-breed supply solutions from supply partners that have been hand-picked by The Purchasing Agency. Where potential savings or service level improvements are identified, these will be presented in a clear, succinct report back to you. You are under no obligations at that point.

If you decide to proceed, The Purchasing Agency will introduce you to the relevant supply partner and facilitate the resultant contract between you. It will be your direct contract with the supply partner, on your agreed terms and to your specification – so you will retain full contractual control throughout the relationship. As you would expect, The Purchasing Agency remains involved as a facilitator or intermediary if needed during the contract term, but it has no contractual involvement in the relationship. Above all, the agency will want to ensure that you are happy with your new supply arrangements because the intention is to form a relationship with your organisation that grows over many years.

It is entirely usual for new clients to The Purchasing Agency to try the service on a range of 3 or 4 goods and services in the first instance. As confidence grows in the agency’s ability to deliver cost-effective solutions, those clients are happy to include many more areas of expenditure. From telecommunication to insurance, utilities to furniture and office stationery to cleaning, there is a vast array to explore.

………and what we do not do!

The Purchasing Agency is remunerated by its supply partners for delivering new clients and new turnover – this is achievable because they do not incur their usual cost of sales.  You will never be charged anything by The Purchasing Agency for the service provided to your organisation. The formal proposals presented to you by The Purchasing Agency in conjunction with its supply partners will show the all-inclusive costs and prices that you will pay; there are no hidden extra costs or payments.

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