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The Purchasing Agency has a deep understanding of the purchasing requirements of car dealerships because it has worked with some of the largest names in the industry for many years. More recently, it has also developed working relationships with several car manufacturers who have recognised the potential benefits available to their dealer networks if they engage the services of The Purchasing Agency.

The principles of effective purchasing are simple, but the disparity of everyday business activities in a dealership often forces those principles to the bottom of the priority list. Perhaps many people in your organisation believe that the legacy of past purchasing decisions or out-moded supplier relationships is in dire need of review, but no-one has the time to properly review things?  Well, that is where The Purchasing Agency comes in. You will be pleasantly surprised by how little time and commitment is required from your organisation to set you on a course towards significant financial benefit – surely, something you cannot afford to ignore in the current economic climate.

If you want to challenge the status quo, The Purchasing Agency will need some easily-accessible information from you and it will do the rest. Whether you want to start with a review of your costs or service levels on the supply of valeting or number plates, lifting gear or industrial gases, the process is the same. The Purchasing Agency would cross-compare your current arrangements with best-of-breed supply solutions and deliver recommendations for improvement. The route to achieve financial and added-value benefits will be made clear, but will you take it?

Vehicle Manufacturer Purchasing Programmes

These programmes have been devised to provide maximum benefit to Manufacturers’ Dealer Networks, whilst minimising the resource required from the dealership in the process.

The Purchasing Agency currently has active Purchasing Programmes with:

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If you are a dealership franchise for one of the above manufacturer marques and would like the information pack relevant to your manufacturer’s Purchasing Programme, please input your request into the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.  The Purchasing Agency will forward the relevant information which incorporates details of how the programme operates, the benefits, the processes involved and, of course, the full list of goods and services included in your particular programme.

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