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Welcome to The Purchasing Agency

The Purchasing Agency is a rare kind of purchasing consultancy. It provides professional purchasing skills and services without a charge to you the client. It works with its clients to identify and deliver savings, often including service level improvements, in a number of common bought-in goods and services.

For many clients, working with The Purchasing Agency has produced unexpected and significant cost savings, contributing to much-needed bottom-line financial improvement for their businesses.

There is no catch. It will cost your organsiation nothing to talk to The Purchasing Agency and explore savings opportunities. So, go ahead and read on; it may lead to some very welcome financial benefits.


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    Increasing your profit

    Forge a relationship with The Purchasing Agency and your business will reap the rewards of its experience.

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    Reducing your costs

    Typically, for new clients, The Purchasing Agency would initially focus on achieving cost savings across a few key areas of regular expenditure.

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    Streamlining your sourcing

    The Purchasing Agency has built a comprehensive and stable network of handpicked supply partners.

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  • McCormicks Solicitors
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“TPA takes time to understand their client’s business and procurement needs and the processes they utilise fit appropriately into the overall purchasing review process. Highly competitive prices are also supported by many other value added benefits surrounding quality of service provision.” JCB MEDWAY